This is me!

I <3 FirefoxOS

Help change the mobile world!

I am Nandaja Varma

An Engineering student by profession, A tech enthusiast by pursuit and A dreamer by nature.

I am a Computer science and Engineering student at NSS College of Engineering, Palakkad.

Absolutely adore programmers! (The sorts who actually design algorithms and code them)

Other adoration : FOSS, Debian GNU/Linux, Linus Torvalds, John Backus, Johnny Depp, Strawberry ice cream, Organic chemistry (No kidding!), Paulo Coelho, Homemade food (Yum!), Pilgrimage, etc. (Well, It’s a pretty long list)

Major interests:

Books. (The rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris being the favorite and  The Swiss family Robinson by Johann Wyss comes second.)

Music. (And No, I don’t bug others. I just listen. 😉 . All time favorite singer is Freddy Mercury and all time favorite band is The Beatles)

Sitting in front of my laptop for prolonged hours.

Absolutely hate:

People getting my name wrong (That happens a lot.), Shopping, History (Still can’t believe I cleared history paper in high school 😀 ), Non-Vegetarian food habit (yes, I am a vegetarian and I don’t miss out anything in life. period.), Sarcasm and subtlety (Because I don’t get them very easily), and a zillion other lame things.

You can share with me here!

I usually hang-out at #debian-diaspora IRC (OFTC) or #allforabacus IRC (Freenode).  IRC nick : gem.


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